Immediate Access

The sooner treatment and healing begins, the shorter the road to recovery can be. Yet knowing where to begin with mental health care can be overwhelming. Walk in makes it easy.

The Josselyn Center’s Walk In Clinic welcomes you for mental health care. Instead of navigating complex health systems and following up to schedule appointments, you’ll walk in, complete paperwork, meet with our team, and begin recovery.

Our Walk In Clinic is open every weekday, from 9am-3pm. Please allow 2 hours for a visit. Our Walk In Team will work with you to complete paperwork, understand your needs and guide you toward effective, compassionate care—whether same day access to services, scheduling future appointments for you, or sharing our Resource Guide.

You should plan to bring relevant identification in order to complete forms, and ensure we can help you. Please bring:

  • Proof of residency (e.g., a bank statement, paycheck stub, or recent bill)
  • Proof of health insurance (if insured)
  • Proof of income to help us determine sliding scale fees (e.g., paycheck stub, Form 1040, or letter of support from someone financially supporting you)

We are here. No phone calls. No finding ways to make an appointment first. No figuring out what type of care you need on your own. Just begin. Healing awaits.

“Walk-in services are important because it is common for people to identify a problem, reach out for help, and not show up due to minimizing their problem or fear of stigma and judgment. If people are able to get help in the moment, they have a better chance of follow through. Sometimes people think mental health help is too difficult to find or access, and become overwhelmed on top of what they are going through. Immediate access helps end that experience.”
Jennifer Stranski, LCPC
Coordinator & Therapist