While we make our way through this time of year, we can care for ourselves as best as possible.

We know that December can be a hard time of year. While we make our way through this time of many emotions, we can remember and take steps to care for ourselves as best possible:

  • Recognize that struggling at certain times of year is normal. This reflection and admission gives us space to reach out, knowing we are not alone in facing difficulty. “There are a lot of stresses at this time of year,” says Michael Scholl, L.C.S.W., Director of Clinical Services at The Josselyn Center. “It’s OK to reach out for help, and know that this is a difficult time.”
  • Adjust expectations of yourself and others. When thinking about things like gifts, consider the value of thoughtfulness, not just the amount of money spent. Allow yourself to say no to invitations and events if needed.
  • Plan for help. Sometimes taking action steps improves our sense of control. While the days between Christmas and New Year’s Day often see a drop in appointments at The Josselyn Center, we see an increase in January. Consider making appointments now, whether for this month or beyond, so you feel a sense of self-care and control.

Read additional tips from the National Alliance on Mental Illness in “Avoiding Holiday Stressors: Tips for a Stress-Free Season.”