“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’…” ―Lord Tennyson.

Thanks to the generous support of three Josselyn Board members, we announce our Immediate Access Program! Clients will be able to walk right in, 9 am-3 pm Monday through Friday, for an efficient, coordinated access point for mental health care.

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’…” ― Lord Tennyson

We are pleased to announce our new Immediate Access Program!

Thanks to the generous support of three Josselyn Board members, we announce our Immediate Access Program. The mental health system is typically a complicated labyrinth, requiring people who are suffering to wait months, submit their own insurance claims (or pay out of pocket), and demands a detailed knowledge of the field to navigate one’s way to help and recovery. No more at The Josselyn Center!

What is Immediate Access?

Walk right in to The Josselyn Center, 9:00-3:00, Monday through Friday and get the guidance you need to better understand and treat you or your loved one’s mental health challenges.

How does Immediate Access work?

Treatment for yourself or your child

When you come, please bring the following:

  1. Driver’s License or photo I.D.
  2. Health Insurance card
  3. Our townships and villages underwrite a sliding fee based on income eligibility. If you are interested, please bring proof of your current family income, including your spouse’s income. An example would be a pay stub, bank statement or benefit statement.
  4. A list of any current medications
  5. Names and phone numbers of your primary care physician and your psychiatrist (if applicable).

Your visit will begin with an initial review to determine whether The Josselyn Center’s services are appropriate for you. If so, you will register and learn if you have any co-pays or other out of pocket expenses. We are in-network with these insurance plans; if you do not see your insurance plan listed, you will be served as an out-of-network client and we will discuss what that means in terms of co-pays. Then, you will immediately meet with a clinician who will do an assessment, recommend a treatment plan, and a therapist best suited for your needs. You will receive a mutually convenient date for your first appointment with your clinician. We will bill your insurance for you.

The Josselyn Center provides comprehensive care which means that your treatment team is all under one roof and care is coordinated for you. You will not need to act as your own case manager and coordinate your care between various mental health providers. Psychiatric services or clients with medication monitoring must be engaged in therapy services at The Josselyn Center.

Treatment for a child or loved one who is not ready to engage

Many times, parents and families recognize that a loved one needs help before he or she does, or before they are ready to begin treatment.  What do you do?  Where do you start?  What type of treatment is appropriate? Come to The Josselyn Center to speak with an experienced clinician.  We will listen, and make recommendations on how to engage your loved one in treatment. Even if the most appropriate treatment is not at The Josselyn Center, we will recommend a quality, community provider.

Treatment not offered by The Josselyn Center

We are an outpatient Community Mental Health Center; our clients do not live here, nor do they spend a better part of their day with us. For decades, we have been a quality training site and students are a part of our staff. Here is a link to our services, and if we recommend another type of care, we will refer you to a quality provider and help you make an appointment.

Oftentimes, different types of mental health conditions are co-occurring. If we determine that a substance abuse or eating disorder is the primary issue, we will refer you to a specialist. Other types of care referred to community partners include for domestic violence shelters, or for higher levels of care such as partial or full-day programs or residential treatment.

Please allow for 1 ½ to 2 hours to complete your thorough assessment and treatment recommendation.

The Josselyn Center is at the center of mental health and hope. What do you hope for in this year?  Good health for yourself, your family and loved ones? It is our honor and privilege to help you or your loved ones find that hope.

To find out more, walk in anytime 9:00-3:00 Monday-Friday or call 847-441-5600.