Strategic Plan 2020-2022

We Envision a World Where…
All individuals and families who are affected by a mental health condition will have access to affordable, quality care, regardless of ability to pay.

Our Mission is to…
Provide mental health services that make lives better for our clients, their families and our community

Our Values…
We educate, connect and show empathy, in order to earn trust and provide compassionate care which transforms lives.

We Believe in Comprehensive Services

Strategic Plan

To address these needs, we must…

  1. Innovate, streamline, and improve process
  2. Expand our footprint
  3. Incubate and pilot new programs to address growing demand, to retain staff, and increase earned income
  4. Increase and diversify philanthropic support and community connections


  • Innovate, streamline, and improve process
    o Increase Access to Services
         – FY20: 21,000 Annual Service Hours
         – FY21: 27,000 Annual Service Hours
         – FY22: 33,000 Annual Service Hours
    o Improve Client Experience
         – Develop electronic intake portal to speed intake and improve client experience and access
         – Redesign client reception experience to greet increased number of clients
         – Implement Appointment Text reminder functionality to reduce no-show rate for medical services
         – Improve building security to meet best practices
         – Maintain three-year CARF accreditation in 2022
    o Reduce Administrative Costs
         – Increase collection rates by 13%, to increase self-sufficiency
         – Increase percentage of budget spent on programming by 5%
         – Pay off line of credit balances by end of FY21
         – Upgrade time reporting, payroll and credentialing systems to allow for more client interaction and improved staff safety
  • Expand our footprint: The Josselyn Lake County Center
    o Raise $1.7 million to cover 3 years startup costs
         – FY20: $680,000
         – FY21: $550,000
         – FY22: $450,000
    o Create bilingual website and execute marketing plan by 3/1/20
    o Set sliding fee scale to improve access and achieve billing targets of:
         – FY20:    $28,000
         – FY21: $340,000
         – FY22: $645,000
    o Build out Waukegan site by 2/15/2020
    o Launch psychiatry, therapy, case management and supported employment services
    o Hire 15 FTEs to support 100 net new clients annually by end of FY2022
  • Incubate and pilot new programs to address growing demand, retain staff and increase earned income
    o Address growing demand for youth services and programming
         – Mental Health First Aid
         – Expanded Youth Programming and Services
    o Strengthen Relationships with Masters programs to increase student placements
    o Pilot Tele-psychiatry residency program
    o Recruit mid / late career clinicians and maximize facility use
    o Identify, explore and pilot programs to create career opportunities for staff retention and increase earned income
  • Increase and diversify philanthropic support and community connections
    o Implement Raiser’s Edge software to better manage growing donor database
    o Define Auxiliary Board role and goals
    o Expand Annual Fund revenue:
         – FY20: $65,000
         – FY21: $87,000
         – FY22: $96,000
    o Develop donor retention plan to retain 65% of donors by year end 22
    o Strengthen Lake County board and community presence and connections