Strategic Plan 2018-2019


We Envision a World Where...
All individuals and families who are affected by a mental health condition will have access to affordable, quality care, regardless of ability to pay.

Our Mission is to...
Provide mental health services that make lives better for our clients, their families and our community

We Value...
welcoming atmosphere, showing empathy, earning trust, providing compassionate care which transforms the lives of our clients and their families, and spreading our story in order to educate and connect.


We Believe in Comprehensive Services

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We are the only Medicaid provider of outpatient psychiatric services for 375 square miles. 90% of Josselyn’s services are provided to low income or Medicaid recipients. 16% of Josselyn’s clients are uninsured or underinsured. The perceived affluence of Chicago’s northern suburbs contradicts reality— 1 in 6 people live in poverty.
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  • We focus on clients with serious and complex diagnoses
  • We can no longer rely on state funding
  • We must increase earned and contributed revenue to invest in scarce psychiatric resources
  • There is enormous need for sliding-fee mental health services in north suburban Chicago


  1. Stabilize and secure our financial position
    o Reverse net losses immediately, and operating losses within two years
    o Significantly grow our core business, therapy services, in order to generate and reinvest income in psychiatric services for low to moderate income clients, which is unprofitable, scarce, but vital to their recovery.
    o Grow our donor base and increase existing donor support.
    o Raise $3 million through our Building for Mental Health Capital Campaign

  2. Build Compassionate Space
    In an environment of declining funding, The Josselyn Center’s building maintenance has been deferred to invest every available penny into client care. Research shows that physical space has a profound effect on mental well-being. We will:
    o Install an elevator
    o Create a Living Room and Drop-In Center
    o Build an Expressive Therapy Room
    o Add more clinical space
    o Provide Accessible restrooms
    o Refresh Clinical Space

  3. Analyze and Plan for Expanded Programming
    o Create task force to assess which services are most urgently needed for our clients
    o Approximately 25% of the Capital Campaign will be invested in the most needed services.

The Josselyn Center

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