Board and Committees


Pamela Martin

Adrienne Hepworth-Weisenberger
Vice Chair

Mary Campobasso

Wade Glisson

Kitty Bliss

Kenneth Fishman

Gaillee Fitzpatrick

Neil Fitzpatrick

Amy Gertler

Cynthia Helle

Michael Holling

Ruth Kraus, PhD

Richard Lauter

Janice MacVicar

Mary Mages

Eric Matlin

Denise Nash

Carolyn Raitt

Sherwin Shenfeld

Holli Volkert

Mary Womsley

Susan B. Resko

Auxiliary Board

Lisa Axelrod

Valerie Michaels

Mary Campobasso

Lili Duquette

Katie Ford

Sharon Hayes

Cynthia Helle

Leslie Holling

Melissa Iserloth

Jackie James

Liz Johnson

Janice MacVicar

Pam Martin

Denise Nash

Julie Rocap

Brooke Sabia

Amy Seaman 

Becky Stilp

Dena Vasilastos

Angie Veber

Holli Volkert

Becky Wagner

Adrienne Hepworth-Weisenberger

Mary Womsley

Junior Board

The Josselyn Junior Board, run by New Trier graduate Maggie Nash, focuses her time on trying to de-stigmatizing mental illness within their community and raising much needed funds to support teen mental health, all while having fun and meeting new people!

Parent Advisory Board

Cynthia Helle

Jill Mirkovic

Julie Ruck

Becky Stilp

Dena Vasilastos

Mary Womsley

Janet Beatty

Jennifer Braun

To become involved with the Junior Board, please contact Liz Fruth, External Affairs Manager.

Honorary Trustees

Mark M. Anderson

Janette Beavers

Linda Blumberg

Dr. Gil Bowen

M. Gail Fitzpatrick

Susan Garrett

Mari Gimbel

David Langenbach

Dania Leemputle

Richard D. Liebman

Nancy Meyer

Robert J. Moran

Harriet H. Perrin

Kathy Coffin-Piepgras

Deborah D. Ross

Anne C. Ruzicka

Lois Sachs

Regina Siske

Joanne Steinback

Susan G. Stewart

Marty Stiffler

Dr. Christine Stoll

Jackie Waldstein